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OTRFF 2017 
Nov 5 > 26 2017
Via Urbana 107 @monti Roma  


sun nov 25 Nov h10.15 pm
ON THE ROAD FILM FESTIVAL > Out of competition > Premiere


Reading & Impro Music

Enea Tomei: storytelling, sound landscape
Sergio Ponzio: guitars

There is a microphone and a turntable. There is a storyteller inspired by “Life”, Keith Richards’s Memoir. There is a guitar playing the blues – you can bet it – and there are few Rolling Stones vinyl lp’s. The soundtrack tells the moods while words play between meaning and rhythms. Words and songs follow and push with each other, creating a ride on the memorial prairies of the longest and most authoritative guitarist in rock history.

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>Where: Associazione APS Detour – Via urbana 107, Rione Monti, Roma (Metro B Cavour)