OTRFF 2017 
Nov 5 > 26 2017
Via Urbana 107 @monti Roma  



nov sat 25

Three section from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

SHORTCUTS > In Competition

International Competition Section for short film “On the Road”, Animated, musical video, experimental, narratives, documentary

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  Entre Deux Eaux
Patrice Cordonnier, 2016, Francia, 28’, o.v. arab/french, subs. italian
Catherine, an emotionally challenged French single woman, lands into the countryside of Marrakech in order to finalize the purchase of a luxurious villa with pool. But at the viewing of this one, she suddenly recants. When she accepts Ali’s – her Moroccan taxi driver – proposition to play estate agent for her, it’s all another trip which comes up to her, a travel which may enable her to get back in the game and reconnect with a buried part of herself, through a foreigner.

The Troubled Troubadour
Sébastien Simon, Forest Ian Etsler, 2016, Corea del Sud/Francia/Usa, 23’, o.v. Korean, subs. italian
A surreal roadmovie with elements of comedy, western and allegory, about the timeless story of a man confronting his own death. Structured along three movements (going nowhere, having noone, being nothing), the movie borrows from several belief systems, mythologies and legends: Greek (Charon and the Styx), Norse (boat funeral), Germanic (the Pied Piper from Hamelin), Korean shamanism (the Mountain God, The Five Directions God), Korean buddhism (the monk Wonhyo drinking from a human skull) and American blues (Robert Johnson, the devil at the crossroads).

Dino or something
Magdalena Pilecka, 2016, Poland, 7’, Senza dialogo
A collection of adventures full of absurd, black humor, pastel colors and small creatures called DINOs.

The Edge
Alexandra Averyanova, 2016, Russia, 12’, Senza Dialogo
An elderly woman lives at a small station, lost in the depth of a country. There’s not a single living creature for miles away. Every day, during many years, she is making the round of the metals. The same days pass in the most ordinary way. The only event in the woman’s life is a train that passes her station without a stop.

Dear Jayne
Brett Harvey, 2017, Great Britain, 3’, o.v. english, subs. italian
A grumpy man recounts a disastrous trip away.

Alain Parroni, 2017, Italia, 20’, v.o. italiano
Everything is surrounded by livid blue. The warm sun in summer’s beginning appears for the first time, to accompany the awakening of a silent and immobile nature. In a wide valley, between white rocks and dark grass, naked bodies, wrecks, residues and twisted sounds make the scenario looking post apocalyptic, while it only is the result of a rave from the night before. In the woods nearby, Clara, a girl from the roman suburbs, her lip marked by the scar of a piercing she doesn’t have anymore, aching and disenchanted, with constantly swollen and sleepy eyes, walks holding the phone in one hand, when she has an unexpected encounter.

Magdalena Zambrzycka, 2015, Polonia, 30’, o.v. polish, subs. italian
Kinga, a brand-new graduate in Polish Linguistics, returns to her home town in high spirits, determined to find a job quickly and renew her bonds with the family she left behind a few years earlier when she went away to university.

Leonore Kasper, 2017, Germania, 7’, o.v. german, subs. italian
A night in a staircase in Germany. Waiting on the stairs in front of her apartment a woman observes the deportation of her neighbor Ana. The brother of Ana resists the deportation of his his sister and the sibs get separated violently by the police. In the darkness of the staircase, Ana starts whispering a mantra

Welcome (Tervetuloa)
Christopher Lorenzo, 2016, Finlandia, 6’, o.v. english, subs. italian
A calming voice reads exerts from an official integration guide on Finnish society. Footage of random Finnish citizens looking into camera as they pass by. Tervetuloa explores themes of immigration and integration; the conflict between who you are, and how you are seen.

Distancia (Distance)
Cristian Perez Scigliano, 2016, Great Britain, 20’, o.v. english/spanish, subs. italian
Raul arrives in London in search of a better future. Alone in one of the largest cities in the world, he will realize how difficult is being an immigrant.

Shadows of Endurance
Diego Scarponi, 2016, Italia, 22’, o.v. english / subs. italian
The film portraits two centuries of American history through stratified layers of time, comparing the lives of the people currently living in Harlan County with the huge amount of oral histories collected by Italian author, Alessandro Portelli, over 30 years of field research. The film is a journey through different times, each with their ghosts and voices, as distant echo of a bygone age, re-emerging today in the places and faces explored by the camera. Through a series of encounters, the film introduces to the stories of people struggling to survive in an area stripped of its identity. A sense of absence dominates the encounters with the characters who currently live in the area: a lack of work, relationships, future, and hope. Deprived of a historical perspective as well as of any possible trajectory, these characters reveal a dramatic nature –often leading a life on the fringes of the law, fighting a lonely battle for survival.

The Train, The Forest
Patrick Buhr, 2017, Germania, 3’, Senza dialogo
A train ride reveals strange incidences
22.15 LIFE
live Reading & Impro Music
Enea Tomei: storytelling, sound landscape
Sergio Ponzio: guitar
Special event – Exclusive Premiere

There is a microphone and a turntable. There is a storyteller inspired by “Life”, Keith Richards’s Memoir. There is a guitar playing the blues – you can bet it – and there are few Rolling Stones vinyl lp’s. The soundtrack tells the moods while words play between meaning and rhythms. Words and songs follow and push with each other, creating a ride on the memorial prairies of the longest and most authoritative guitarist in rock history.

>Information: for bookings and information see www.cinedetour.it – FB Cine Detour

>Tickets: entrance to the film festival is limited to Detour members with annual 2017-18 membership (4€); contribution per event: 5 euro films in the competition, 6 euro Miles Ahead, 8 euro films live soundtrack

>Where: Associazione APS Detour – Via urbana 107, Rione Monti, Roma (Metro B Cavour)