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Cine-nautas, journey & borders

Competition and side events
NOV 017
Via Urbana 107 @monti Roma

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Five editions of the arthouse festival and 20 years of our historic Rome film club. These are the main ingredients of a cultural offering which goes outside the box and definitely beyond any well-trodden tracks. 11 full length films and 12 shorts in the competition, special events and apart from the competition, national premieres: entirely dedicated to journeys and related themes, this selection by Cinema Detour, offered to the Rome audience on the occasion of our birthday, is unforgettable.

The Festival is supported by the Department of Culture and Youth Policy of the Lazio Region; with partnership of the Libraries of Rome and Multi-ethnic Rome and in collaboration with Moving Docs, Doc.it, Creative Europe Media, Il Mandarino, Luci dalla Cina. We open on 5th November with an evening event, celebrating 100 years since the Russian Revolution and the first 20 years of Detour, with the film October directed by Sergej Ėjzenštejn (1928) with a live musical accompaniment.

The silent film Alice in Wonderland directed by W. W. Young in 1915 and accompanied by a soundtrack will be the closing film on the 26th November, before the final prize giving.

The programme is enriched by three notable films outside the competition: Poesia Sin Fin by Alejandro Jodorowsky (2016) and Miles Ahead by and with Don Cheadle, on the life of the great jazz genius Miles Davis, its premiere here in Rome.

For those into sport, we are showing the fascinating The Dolphin man, shot in Greece, on the life of the great French free-diver Jacques Mayol, the so-called Dolphin man. A journey into the travels of the man who has revolutionised the world of free-diving and deep sea diving.

The programme of the competition, which livens up the weekends of November, comprises premieres and impressive new discoveries. Two juries will decide the winners. The jury for the full length films is made up of the Chair Vittorio Moroni, director, author and screenwriter, Lea Tafuri, screenwriter and Luca Mandrile, director and editor. The jury for the shorts will have as Chair Gianclaudio Cappai, director and author, Giovanna Addivinola, editor and festival organiser and Paolo Cavalcanti, music industry producer and organiser of festivals and visual arts exhibitions.

Among the full length films, we have Punk à chien by Remi Mazet from France in which a lonely and disillusioned outsider travels the roads of France accompanied by a dog, living by expedience until he realises that something is not quite right with his dog.

The documentary Flat Tyre – An American Music Dream by Ugo di Faenza follows an incredible musical journey crossing the USA by “The Third Class”, a group of young Neapolitan musicians searching for the deep roots of American popular music.

Sagre Balere by Alessandro Stevanon tells the story of Omar, who grew up on the edge of Milan and who was fated to be a body shop mechanic, was instead inspired by the voices of the golden years of popular music and listening to Italy’s leading disco, the Studio Zeta of Angelo Zibetti, we follow his long tour around all the regions of North Italy in the twentieth year of his career.

Istanbul Echoes by Giulia Frati analyses the rapid process of gentrification of Istanbul. In only five years the working class areas have been demolished, and their residents displaced. A worrying situation which draws the attention of some young militants and, in particular, a group of hip-hop activists. Skilfully giving a background rhythm to her film with urban ambient sounds, Giulia Frati follows this transformation of the social fabric of the city in just a decade.

A Paradise Too Far by the Canadian Denis Langlois follows the footsteps of the siblings Samuel and Émilie, both affected by a mild form of autism, where they set off on a snowmobile to search for the paradise where everyone says their mother, who is dead, has gone. The journey of Samuel and Émilie is at the same time geographical and spiritual, really putting their capacities to the test and explores the limits of their complex relationship.

Anissa 2002 by Fabienne Facco recounts the history and the escape of Anissa, an adolescent Moroccan bride.

Transitory Lives by Thomas Kunstler and Dimitris Lambridis: tells the story of the parallel journeys of three Syrian refugees from the shores of Lesvos to the heart of continental Europe and their exhausting attempts to integrate in the new world, their hopes and their disillusions.

Mingong by Davide Crudetti confronts a very current reality: the mass migration of millions of Chinese workers who are pouring from the countryside into the coastal cities searching for work. ‘Mingong’ literally means peasant labourer. A voyage into the times of the old China which is disappearing today, a voyage intended to intercept the millions of Chinese who are moving from the country towards the cities by the sea.

Among the shorts, we show The Edge by the Russian Alexandra Averyanova in which an old woman lives in a little railway station, deeply lost in the countryside. Every day, for many years, she walks the train tracks. The only event in the life of the old woman is when a train goes through her station without stopping.

The Troubled Troubadour by Sébastien Simon and Forest Ian Etsler is a surreal road movie with elements of a comedy, a Western and an allegory, on the timeless story of a man facing up to his own death.

Distancia by Cristian Perez Scigliano is narrated by Raul, who arrives in London in search of a better future. Alone in one of the biggest cities in the world, he realises how difficult it is to live as an immigrant Shadows of Endurance by Diego Scarponi is a journey crossing two centuries of American history, comparing the lives of the people who actually live in the county of Harlan, an area stripped of its identity: with the heritage of oral histories told by the Italian author Alessandro Portelli in over 30 years of research in the field, about the lack of work, relationships, future and hope.

>Information: for bookings and information see www.cinedetour.it – FB Cine Detour

>Tickets: entrance to the film festival is limited to Detour members with annual 2017-18 membership (4€); contribution per event: 5 euro films in the competition, 6 euro Miles Ahead, 8 euro films live soundtrack

>Where: Associazione APS Detour – Via urbana 107, Rione Monti, Roma (Metro B Cavour)


19.00 Opening party: 20 years of Detour, 5 years of OTRFF, 100 years of October’s Revolution
di Sergej Michajlovič Eisenstein
live impro music soundtrack

Mike Cooper: chitarra lap steel /elettroniche
Alípio Carvalho: sax
Roberto Bellatalla: Contrabbasso
Special event – exclusive premiere
URSS 1928 ’94 The opening night 2017 is the opportunity to celebrate together three important occurrences. First of all the 20 years of Detour, independent quality cinema outpost, uncompromising, since 1997 at Rione Monti, in the heart of Rome. Fifth year, for On The Road Film Festival, an overview of the best independent international cinema on trips and borders. Finally, widening the horizons, exactly one hundred years ago, the October Revolution culminated in the Winter Palace in Russia. Ten years later, Sergei Eisenstein’s epic and surreal film recreated the revolt of 1917, with deflating freedom and dissipation of forms and contents and kinematic anarchy. The joyfully anarchist celebration of the three anniversaries is entrusted to the live soundtrack by three great international musicians, improvisation masters: Mike Cooper, Alìpio Carvalho and Roberto Bellatalla.
Out of competition
Valerio Gnesini It 2016 90′ A folk trio, violin/guitar/voice, a sheep drawn on the cover of a music album, a bit of money and a whole country to cross to go home, from Maratea to Genoa. Six innovative, open and hospitable farms. Six stages of a musical-rural tour through Italy, its campaigns and its people. Back to the Land!
Q&A with director Valerio Gnesini
20.30 CAFARD
Italian Premiere – In competition
Jan Bultheel Be 2015 92’ 1914. While Jean Mordant is in the United States and is winning the world title of free struggle, his daughter Mimi, who stayed home in Belgium, is raped by German soldiers. Jean swears to avenge her, and enrolls in the famous ACM, the first armored division of history, embarking on an odyssey to return to her.
Q&A with Bunker Hill, Cafard’s italian distribution
Italian Premiere – In competition
Ugo di Faenza 
& la Terza Classe
It 2016 71’ Imagine a band from Alabama thrown into a music tour in southern Italy, playing “tarantella” and singing in the local dialect. Now, try to completely overthrow the elements of the history, and you will have “Flat Tyre,” the incredible musical journey through the USA of a group of young neapolitan musicians “La terza classe”, in search of the deep roots of American popular music. Winking at Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece, from Mali to Mississippi, the film mixes the human adventure on the road of the protagonists, street performances to cover the expenses of the tour and their encounters with the great sacred monsters of the bluegrass scene, dixieland and blues.
Q&A with director and live show-case from “La Terza Classe”
City Premiere – In competition
Giovanni Rosa It 2016 70′ Sperone district, one of Palermo’s biggest squares. Like every summer, there are square concerts, karaoke, neighborhood festivals featuring neo-melodic singers. Vincenzo, a six-year-old boy, climbs the stage imitating the motions of his idol Mimmo Fini. The film tells the desire for redemption of an entire family is substantiated in the voice of a clumsy child and his only song: I fell in love.
Skype Q&A with director Giovanni Rosa
Italian premiere – In competition
Thomas Kunstler Dimitris Lambridis Gr 2017 55’ The personal and physical journey of three Syrian refugees from the shores of Lesvos to the heart of Europe (Bruxelles, Belgium) and their process of integration in the new world.
Q&A with director Thomas Kunstler
City premiere – In competition
Alessandro Stevanon It 2017 75’ Omar was born in the suburbs of Milan and was destined to be a coachbuilder, but, instead, he became a successful ballroom singer. He got inspired by listening to ballroom singers from Studio Zeta, the biggest dance club in Italy at that time and, this way, he later started his own career. After a few years he knows Adele, his great love and manager, who transforms him into a true icon. The film tells the story of Omar and shows him, in his 20th year of career with his band, as we travelled together with him in their long tour around many Northern regions of Italy.
Q&A with director Alessandro Stevanon
Exclusively for OTRFF
Out of competition
Alejandro Jodorowsky Cile 2015 125′ Through Alejandro Jodorowsky’s autobiographical lens, Endless Poetry narrates the years of the Chilean artist’s youth during which he liberated himself from all of his former limitations, from his family, and was introduced into the foremost bohemian artistic circle of 1940s Chile where he met Enrique Lihn, Stella Díaz Varín, Nicanor Parra… at the time promising young but unknown artists who would later become the titans of twentieth-century Hispanic literature. He grew inspired by the beauty of existence alongside these beings, exploring life together, authentically and freely. A tribute to Chile’s artistic heritage, Endless Poetry is also an ode to the quest for beauty and inner truth, as a universal force capable of changing one’s life forever, written by a man who has dedicated his life and career to creating spiritual and artistic awareness across the globe.
Exclusively for OTRFF
Out of competition
Don Cheadle Usa 2016 100′ Don Cheadle produce, co-wrote and stars in his directorial debut, a fanciful (Cheadle prefers the term “metaphorical”) tale of an encounter between Ewan McGregor’s Rolling Stone journalist and Cheadle’s reclusive Miles Davis in 1979. Having lost his muse and succumbed to years of medicated silence, Davis is rumoured to be on the brink of a comeback. But an attempted interview soon descends into a caper chase of drug deals, shootouts and stolen tapes, interspersed with flashbacks to Davis’s once-inspirational relationship with Frances Taylor (Emayatzy Corinealdi), amid rasping declarations that “it takes a long time to play like yourself”.
Italian premiere – In competition
Denis Langlois Can 2017 90′ Upon learning of their mother’s death, Samuel and Émilie, two siblings with different abilites, run away from their group home in Northern Quebec. They leave on a skidoo to find the paradise everyone says their mother has gone to.
Skype Q&A with director Denis Langlois
DOM 19 NOVEMBRE in collaborazione con il festival Luci dalla Cina
 18.00 MINGONG
City premiere – In competition
Davide Crudetti It/Cina 2016 56′ Mingong ‘is the union of two chinese ideogram, meaning farmer-worker. It is the name with which China was baptized a social class born in the early 1990. 250 million workers that every year from inland campaigns are trying to reach the megalopolis on the coast to look for work. Mingong tells a story in time into the old China which is disappearing nowadays. A faces’ mosaic which reveals a common story: the village, the departure, money, sons, work, the efforts and the absence.
Q&A with director Davide Crudetti
Italian premiere – In competition
Liang Hanjian 
JIA Junyuan
Cina 2017, 92′ In a remote area of China, a young man named Sam, the day when he was released, he was told that his long-lost girlfriend, Chelsea, has returned home without any notification. Just for seeing his girlfriend again, Sam decided to stay in town. After that, Sam searched every corner of the county for his first love, Chelsea.
Skype Q&A with director Liang Hanjian 
MER 22 NOVEMBRE in collaborazione con Moving Docs/doc.it/Creative Europe
Special Screening
Out of competition
Lefteris Charitos Grecia 2016 78′ Discover the story and legacy of free-diver Jacques Mayol, whose life became the inspiration for Luc Besson’s cult-movie “The Big Blue”. Dolphin Man draws us into the world of Jacques Mayol, capturing his compelling journey and immersing viewers into the sensory and transformative experience of free-diving. The film weaves together stunning contemporary underwater photography of the world’s leading free-divers with intimate testimonies of Mayol’s closest friends and rare film archive, to discover how the “dolphin man” brought a new consciousness to our relationship to the sea and to inner-selves.
Italian premiere – In competition
Giulia Frati
Can 2017 100′ Street vendors, neighborhoods that change, demolition and rebuilding to create a “modern and clean” environment. An entire culture with its traditions threatened by gentrification.
 17.00 Short>Cuts
International Competition Section for short film “On the Road”, Animated, musical video, experimental, narratives, documentary
Three section from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  Entre Deux Eaux
Patrice Cordonnier, 2016, Francia, 28’, o.v. arab/french, subs. italian
Catherine, an emotionally challenged French single woman, lands into the countryside of Marrakech in order to finalize the purchase of a luxurious villa with pool. But at the viewing of this one, she suddenly recants. When she accepts Ali’s – her Moroccan taxi driver – proposition to play estate agent for her, it’s all another trip which comes up to her, a travel which may enable her to get back in the game and reconnect with a buried part of herself, through a foreigner.

The Troubled Troubadour
Sébastien Simon, Forest Ian Etsler, 2016, Corea del Sud/Francia/Usa, 23’, o.v. Korean, subs. italian
A surreal roadmovie with elements of comedy, western and allegory, about the timeless story of a man confronting his own death. Structured along three movements (going nowhere, having noone, being nothing), the movie borrows from several belief systems, mythologies and legends: Greek (Charon and the Styx), Norse (boat funeral), Germanic (the Pied Piper from Hamelin), Korean shamanism (the Mountain God, The Five Directions God), Korean buddhism (the monk Wonhyo drinking from a human skull) and American blues (Robert Johnson, the devil at the crossroads).

Dino or something
Magdalena Pilecka, 2016, Poland, 7’, Senza dialogo
A collection of adventures full of absurd, black humor, pastel colors and small creatures called DINOs.

The Edge
Alexandra Averyanova, 2016, Russia, 12’, Senza Dialogo
An elderly woman lives at a small station, lost in the depth of a country. There’s not a single living creature for miles away. Every day, during many years, she is making the round of the metals. The same days pass in the most ordinary way. The only event in the woman’s life is a train that passes her station without a stop.

Dear Jayne
Brett Harvey, 2017, Great Britain, 3’, o.v. english, subs. italian
A grumpy man recounts a disastrous trip away.

Alain Parroni, 2017, Italia, 20’, v.o. italiano
Everything is surrounded by livid blue. The warm sun in summer’s beginning appears for the first time, to accompany the awakening of a silent and immobile nature. In a wide valley, between white rocks and dark grass, naked bodies, wrecks, residues and twisted sounds make the scenario looking post apocalyptic, while it only is the result of a rave from the night before. In the woods nearby, Clara, a girl from the roman suburbs, her lip marked by the scar of a piercing she doesn’t have anymore, aching and disenchanted, with constantly swollen and sleepy eyes, walks holding the phone in one hand, when she has an unexpected encounter.

Magdalena Zambrzycka, 2015, Polonia, 30’, o.v. polish, subs. italian
Kinga, a brand-new graduate in Polish Linguistics, returns to her home town in high spirits, determined to find a job quickly and renew her bonds with the family she left behind a few years earlier when she went away to university.

Leonore Kasper, 2017, Germania, 7’, o.v. german, subs. italian
A night in a staircase in Germany. Waiting on the stairs in front of her apartment a woman observes the deportation of her neighbor Ana. The brother of Ana resists the deportation of his his sister and the sibs get separated violently by the police. In the darkness of the staircase, Ana starts whispering a mantra

Welcome (Tervetuloa)
Christopher Lorenzo, 2016, Finlandia, 6’, o.v. english, subs. italian
A calming voice reads exerts from an official integration guide on Finnish society. Footage of random Finnish citizens looking into camera as they pass by. Tervetuloa explores themes of immigration and integration; the conflict between who you are, and how you are seen.

Distancia (Distance)
Cristian Perez Scigliano, 2016, Great Britain, 20’, o.v. english/spanish, subs. italian
Raul arrives in London in search of a better future. Alone in one of the largest cities in the world, he will realize how difficult is being an immigrant.

Shadows of Endurance
Diego Scarponi, 2016, Italia, 22’, o.v. english / subs. italian
The film portraits two centuries of American history through stratified layers of time, comparing the lives of the people currently living in Harlan County with the huge amount of oral histories collected by Italian author, Alessandro Portelli, over 30 years of field research. The film is a journey through different times, each with their ghosts and voices, as distant echo of a bygone age, re-emerging today in the places and faces explored by the camera. Through a series of encounters, the film introduces to the stories of people struggling to survive in an area stripped of its identity. A sense of absence dominates the encounters with the characters who currently live in the area: a lack of work, relationships, future, and hope. Deprived of a historical perspective as well as of any possible trajectory, these characters reveal a dramatic nature –often leading a life on the fringes of the law, fighting a lonely battle for survival.

The Train, The Forest
Patrick Buhr, 2017, Germania, 3’, Senza dialogo
A train ride reveals strange incidences
22.15 LIFE
live Reading & Impro Music
Enea Tomei: storytelling, sound landscape
Sergio Ponzio: guitar
Special event – Exclusive Premiere

There is a microphone and a turntable. There is a storyteller inspired by “Life”, Keith Richards’s Memoir. There is a guitar playing the blues – you can bet it – and there are few Rolling Stones vinyl lp’s. The soundtrack tells the moods while words play between meaning and rhythms. Words and songs follow and push with each other, creating a ride on the memorial prairies of the longest and most authoritative guitarist in rock history.
Italian premiere – In competition
Remi Mazet Fra 2016 35′ Joey, a 20-year-old guy, travels the roads of France with his dog. Someday, his dog is bitten. The wound does not heal.
Q&A with director Remi Mazet
 19.00 ANISSA 2002
Italian premiere – In competition
Fabienne Facco Fra 2015 48′ France, 2002. Anissa is sixteen. Her parents are taking her in Morocco to meet her future husband. She doesn’t want to go. Taking advantage of a stop in a service area runs away.
Q&A with director Fabienne Facco
live Impro Music & Screening by Cape Adare
Special event

Di W.Young,
USA 1915 60
The third adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s book for cinema (after those of 1903 and 1910). A little girl walks along the countryside with her older sister, and before she falls asleep she runs into many animals (including a rabbit and a cat) that will be transfigured in her dream.
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