OTRFF 2017 
Nov 5 > 26 017
Via Urbana 107 @monti Roma  


Nov 5 Sun ore 20.00
ON THE ROAD FILM FESTIVAL > Opening Special Event > Premiere

Ottobre live impro music soundtrack

Directed by Sergej Michajlovič Ėjzenštejn
URSS 1928 ’94

Mike Cooper: guitar lap steel / electronics
Alípio Carvalho: sax
Roberto Bellatalla: contrabbasso 

The opening night 2017 is the opportunity to celebrate together three important occurrences. First of all the 20 years of Detour, independent quality cinema outpost, uncompromising, since 1997 at Rione Monti, in the heart of Rome. Fifth year, for On The Road Film Festival, an overview of the best independent international cinema on trips and borders. Finally, widening the horizons, exactly one hundred years ago, the October Revolution culminated in the Winter Palace in Russia. Ten years later, Sergei Eisenstein’s epic and surreal film recreated the revolt of 1917, with deflating freedom and dissipation of forms and contents and kinematic anarchy. The joyfully anarchist celebration of the three anniversaries is entrusted to the live soundtrack by three great international musicians, improvisation masters: Mike Cooper, Alìpio Carvalho and Roberto Bellatalla.

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>Tickets: entrance to the film festival is limited to Detour members with annual 2017-18 membership (4€); contribution per event: 5 euro films in the competition, 6 euro Miles Ahead, 8 euro films live soundtrack

>Where: Associazione APS Detour – Via urbana 107, Rione Monti, Roma (Metro B Cavour)