Thursday Oct 19 2017 h9.00pm
@Detour Cine, Via Urbana 107 Roma

Free entrance. No membership required.

City premiere screening and Q &A following with Director Allison Argo and main protagonist Bob Comis. 
Organised by Essere Animali in collaboration with Detour Cinema


Regia di Allison Argo
2017, 60′, v.o., sott. italiano

THE LAST PIG is a lyrical meditation on what it means to be a sentient creature with the power to kill. Deeply immersive, the film follows a pig farmer through his final year of slaughtering pigs. Through sparse, intimate musings, the farmer reveals the growing conflict of a life spent “peddling in death.” Through this personal journey, THE LAST PIG raises crucial questions about equality, the value of compassion and the sanctity of life.
Comis’ soul-bearing narrative carries us through his final year of farming pigs, the struggle to reinvent his life, and the ghosts that will haunt him forever.

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