Dear friends of the Detour, we live in strange times where today’s reality is writing a screenplay which approaches and then overtakes what we might have imagined in a post-apocalyptic science fiction. And while we find ourselves in the unhappy role of survivors in a global plague, today the Detour is at risk of being permanently buried under the ruins.

We decided to suspend our activities with a sense of responsibility even before the government imposed its restrictions, cancelling screenings for members, events, meetings, workshops and all the social events which we regularly conduct with the schools and disadvantaged groups.

For the monthly rent, the utilities, the insurance and the general running expenses of the Cine Detour and for our particular type of association, we have not yet found any help from the special measures of income support that have been placed for other productive sectors of society.

Detour is a non-profit organisation based on the voluntary work of its members and everything that comes in is immediately reinvested. For more than 20 years we have been going along on just our own strength, without ever chasing or receiving support from either private or public institutions for the daily running of our activities, always looking only at the quality of our programme of activities and establishing a relationship of trust and empathy with our members.

Well, we have to tell you truthfully: this time we are running the risk of not being able to continue and soon we will be at the point of no return

Your contribution has been and will be crucial to try to resist and will help to defend one of the last bastions of independent cinematography in our city.

The friendship, esteem, and generous support you have shown us so far have been simply extraordinary! We will publish a collection of some of the most touching messages that accompanied your donations.

Thanks to your contributions, we have reached the first milestone and this will allow us to pay essential rents and utilities related to the prolonged period of interruption of the activity, avoiding the imminent risk of being buried under the weight of the accumulated debts.

However, the blanket of uncertainty lowered on future scenarios, the partial and quota-authorisation reopening, the adoption of burdensome and complex sanitation measures, requires us to keep our guard high.

We are asking you to choose one of the proposed options set out in our special crowdfunding campaign.

For everyone who contributes, in addition to the prizes and bonuses which you can come to get and use as soon as we emerge from this state of emergency, we’ve got a little surprise in perfect “detourian” style to ideally bridge the distance from our screening room.

We are immensely grateful for your esteem and affection!


Thanks for your exceptional aid in supporting DETOUR CINEMA with a donation:

DETOUR VIRTUAL SCREEN (in collaboration with Wanted Cinema)
Come by our Virtual ticket booth. As in a real screening room: première screenings, meetings, live events and Q&A with directors and authors, to be seen online exclusively for the Detour virtual audience. A virtuous system to stay in touch and help us out.

You will get: One drink/snack at our cine bar

CONTRIBUTOR | donation from 50€
You will get: six-months pass with free admission to screenings as from the date of subscription

CONTRIBUTOR+ | donation from 100€
You will get: one-year pass with free admission to screenings as from the date of subscription

PATRON | donation from 300€
You will get: one-year pass with free admission to screenings for two people
Room available for one event a year (screening, panel, exhibition, presentation, reading, concert, etc.). The event shall be consistent with the curatorial/artistic line of DETOUR CINEMA and will last for a maximum of 2 hours, on date to be fixed.


a) via Paypal transfer;

b) via bank transfer. IBAN: IT46 K056 9603 2080 0000 5249 X53 (Banca Popolare di Sondrio). Account name: DETOUR. Description of payment: “erogazione liberale”;

2 – Email us your personal data (name, surname, date and place of birth, city of residence, email) and the amount of the contribution:

3 – Drop in at DETOUR CINEMA as soon as the covid-19 crisis will eventually pass, to pick up your membership card, your subscription badge and your gift.

Thank you!

DETOUR CINEMA Via Urbana 107 00184 vRoma