detour=20anni di cinema indipendente in collaborazione con Galleria Interzone a Blutopia Store

sabato 28 gennaio ore 20.30 / January 28 Saturday h8.30pm

nell’ambito di “3 incontri unici con il poeta e artista visivo greco Demosthenes Agrafiotis (Δημοσθένης Αγραφιότης)” 


Demosthenes Agrafiotis + Alípio C Neto Diggin’

Incontro creativo tra poesia e musica: parole, suono, improvvisazione, dialogo, scontro. Equivalenze tra suono vocale e suono strumentale, tra suono elettronico e acustico.
A seguire proiezione dei video: “24, Pideo, Voetry”; “Calligraphein”; “Entopies”; “E=mc2” di Demosthenes Agrafiotis.

Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Poetry
Alípio C Neto, sax & electronics
Daniele Di Pentima, drums
Luigi Di Chiappari, fender rhodes
Riccardo Di Fiandra, acoustic bass


Demosthenes Agrafiotis è un prolifico poeta e artista visuale greco di fama internazionale, le cui opere interdisciplinari – che combinano poesia, pittura, fotografia, multimedia, performance e nuove tecnologie – sono state esposte, rappresentate ed eseguite in Grecia e all’estero. I suoi libri includono, tra gli altri, Chinese Notebook and Maribor, che ha ricevuto il Northern California Book Award nel 2011.

Alípio Carvalho Neto è un sassofonista brasiliano, compositore, poeta, docente e ricercatore in studi musicali interdisciplinari. Residente a Roma, il suo lavoro copre un ampio spettro di idiomi musicali. Ha conseguito il dottorato di ricerca in “Storia, Scienze e Tecniche della Musica”con il massimo dei voti presso l’Università di Roma 2 “Tor Vergata”. Alípio ha realizzato numerosi album, nel ruolo di leader di varie formazioni o come sideman, elogiati dalla critica e dal pubblico internazionale. Raccolte delle sue poesie sono pubblicate dalle edizioni Jean-Fabien G. Phinera (Paris), e da riviste e giornali letterari.

Demosthenes Agrafiotis is a prolific and widely-exhibited Greek poet and visual artist whose interdisciplinary works combine poetry, painting, photography, multimedia, performance, and new technologies. His books include, among others, Chinese Notebook and Maribor, which was the winner of the Northern California Book Award, a prize for poetry in translation, in 2011. He has had exhibitions of photography, paintings, drawings and installations both in Greece and abroad. He was the editor of the anthology-formatted magazine Clinamen, which from 1980 – 1990 created an amalgam of Greek poetry and art with work from Europe, Asia, and America, and which since 1996 has focused on the production of artists’ books.

Alípio Carvalho Neto is a Brazilian saxophonist, composer, poet, educator and scholar dedicated to interdisciplinary music studies. Based in Rome, he works across a broad spectrum of musical idioms. He received in 2014 his PhD with highest honors in “Music History, Science and Techniques” from the University of Rome 2 “Tor Vergata”. Alípio released numerous albums as a leader or co-leader and many as a sideman that were highly acclaimed by international audiences and critics. His poems were published by Editions Jean-Fabien G. Phinera (Paris), and in many poetry journals and literary magazines.

Luigi di Chiappari. Born in Gaeta in 1983, begins studying piano at the age of thirteen with M°Gianni De Crescenzo.  After completing high school he enrolled at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at the  University of Siena, earning a bachelor’s degree in 2009.  At nineteen approaches to jazz under the guidance of Alessandro Giachero, Mariano Di Nunzio, Franco  Fabbrini , attending the Musical Training Course at the Siena Jazz – National Academy of Jazz Foundation.  In 2011 he enrolled in the Jazz Master at the Conservatory Licino Refice in Frosinone and in 2014 gains Degree in Jazz Piano with final evaluation of 110/110. Over the years he has collaborated with various artists such as Andrea Avena, Angelo  Olivieri, Stefano  Cantini, Klaus Lessmann, Roberto Nannetti, Mirco Mariottini and Greg Burk. He realizes the original music for theater performances: SSSSS and The Dream Stamira. In 2014 he was  among the finalists of the Conad Jazz Contest, with Coal Me Tronic Group, and performed on stage at  Umbria Jazz Festival.  Currently he is performing in concerts with various bands. With Zy Pro ject participated to the realization of the show “Zy Effect” directed by Wilma Labate. He oversaw the artistic direction of the album “Colors” (Sara Jane Ceccarelli) released in September 2016.

Riccardo Di Fiandra was born in 1991 in Rome. At age 17 starts playing the bass guitar studying with Maestro Gianni Pieri. Got bachelor’s degree of the jazz bass course with a final vote of 110 and praise at the Frosinone Conservatory “Licinio Refice” in March 2014. Studies under the teaching of Maestro Marco Siniscalco, Stefano Cantarano, Ettore Fioravanti, Paolo Tombolesi, Marco Tiso, Roberto Spadoni, Antonio D’Anto. Specialization in jazz composition in the same Conservatory in March 2016, with a final vote of 110 and praise. In 2014 he attended workshops in writing for jazz orchestra as part of “Chieti in Jazz”, studying with Bruno Tommaso, Giovanni Falzone and Roberto Spadoni and one of his composition Porta Pia for Big Band is rewarded with a scholarship. In 2015 he attended the seminars of “Tuscia in Jazz” studying improvisation with Orlando LeFleming. His main musical projects are: Zy Project and records the album “Nowher’s Anthem” (Jazzit records, 2015), and performs in important national jazz festivals: “Roccella Jazz”, “Jazzit Festival”, “La Spezia Jazz” and produced the soundtrack for the film “Qualcosa di noi”, Wilma Labate, presented at Torino Film Festival. In 2015 presents “Maintenant with Lucia Ianniello, Paolo Tombolesi e Diana Torti. He also collaborates with musicians on stage and as sideman: Fabrizio Bosso, Javier Girotto, Roy Paci, Stefano Di Battista, Aldo Bassi and others. In 2016 recorded the album “Lalita”, with Anatma quartet, an experiment in fusion of distant musical worlds. Since 2016 electric bass teacher and jazz harmony at the Music Academy of Rome Praeneste.

Daniele Di Pentima. Born in Spoltore,1991, Daniele was initiated into learning drums under the tutelage of Maestro Dante Melena, with parallel focus on music theory and harmony, later he attended the jazz drums courses at the Conservatory ‘Licinio Refice’ of Frosinone with Maestro Ettore Fioravanti and completed his studies with a thesis on ‘The mingling of Indian classical music in contemporary jazz’. His deep interest towards folk and traditional music from all over the world and most significantly Indian rhythm and his in-depth knowledge of jazz music has helped him to create a unique musical style, his research in the fields of harmony, ethnomusicology and history of percussion, generating a deep impact in his musical expressions. Daniele has been performing as a jazz drummer and percussionist in important jazz festivals and ethno-music festivals in Italy and abroad in countries like England, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, Morocco, India to name a few. Member and co-founder of several ensembles like Anatma ‘An Indo-Italian jazz project’, and many others ranging from jazz to folk music to contemporary classical. Presently focusing on developing his own musical niche combining the knowledge of Jazz and Indian rhythm and its melodic and poetic rhythmic interpretations.