SAGRE BALERE | OTRFF5 In Competition

Omar was born in the suburbs of Milan and was destined to be a coachbuilder, but, instead, he became a successful ballroom singer. He got inspired by listening to ballroom singers from Studio Zeta, the biggest dance club in Italy at that time and, this way, he later started his own career. After a few years he knows Adele, his great love and manager, who transforms him into a true icon. The film tells the story of Omar and shows him, in his 20th year of career with his band, as we travelled together with him in their long tour around many Northern regions of Italy.

TRANSITORY LIVES | OTRFF5 In Competition > Italian Premiere

The personal and physical journey of three Syrian refugees from the shores of Lesvos to the heart of Europe (Bruxelles, Belgium) and their process of integration in the new world.

THE SONGS | OTRFF5 In Competition > City Premiere

Sperone district, one of Palermo’s biggest squares. Like every summer, there are square concerts, karaoke, neighbourhood festivals featuring neo-melodic singers. Vincenzo, a six-year-old boy, climbs the stage imitating the motions of his idol Mimmo Fini. The film tells the desire for redemption of an entire family is substantiated in the voice of a clumsy child and his only song: “I fell in love”.

FLAT TYRE | OTRFF5 In Competition > City Premiere

Imagine a band from Alabama thrown into a music tour in southern Italy, playing “tarantella” and singing in the local dialect. Now, try to completely overthrow the elements of the history, and you will have “Flat Tyre,” the incredible musical journey through the USA of a group of young neapolitan musicians “La terza classe”, in search of the deep roots of American popular music. Winking at Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece, from Mali to Mississippi, the film mixes the human adventure on the road of the protagonists, street performances to cover the expenses of the tour and their encounters with the great sacred monsters of the bluegrass scene, dixieland and blues. Q&A with La terza classe.

CAFARD | OTRFF5 In competition > Italian Premiere

1914. While Jean Mordant is in the United States and is winning the world title of free struggle, his daughter Mimi, who stayed home in Belgium, is raped by German soldiers. Jean swears to avenge her, and enrolls in the famous ACM, the first armored division of history, embarking on an odyssey to return to her.


A folk trio, violin/guitar/voice, a sheep drawn on the cover of a music album, a bit of money and a whole country to cross to go home, from Maratea to Genoa. Six innovative, open and hospitable farms. Six stages of a musical-rural tour through Italy, its campaigns and its people. Back to the Land!

OTTOBRE  live impro soundtrack | OTRFF5 Evento d’apertura > Anteprima Assoluta

The opening night 2017 is the opportunity to celebrate together three important occurrences. First of all the 20 years of Detour, independent quality cinema outpost, uncompromising, since 1997 at Rione Monti, in the heart of Rome. Fifth year, for On The Road Film Festival, an overview of the best independent international cinema on trips and borders. Finally, widening the horizons, exactly one hundred years ago, the October Revolution culminated in the Winter Palace in Russia. Ten years later, Sergei Eisenstein’s epic and surreal film recreated the revolt of 1917, with deflating freedom and dissipation of forms and contents and kinematic anarchy. The joyfully anarchist celebration of the three anniversaries is entrusted to the live soundtrack by three great international musicians, improvisation masters: Mike Cooper, Alìpio Carvalho and Roberto Bellatalla.

Cosmopolis 2G Film Award Film Workshop #5 > Produrre un documentario indipendente

Cosmopolis 2G Film Award // Film Workshop #5 a ingresso gratuito al Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo. Laboratorio dal titolo “Produrre un documentario indipendente” e proiezione del film “Il Successore”, di Mattia Epifani con la sceneggiatura di Francesco Lefons. // Cosmopolis 2G Film Award è il primo contest di cinema e video per giovani filmmaker e artisti di seconda generazione in Italia. Il progetto è ideato e promosso dall’associazione culturale APS Detour e sostenuto da SIAE e Mibact nell’ambito del bando “Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura”. In collaborazione con Biblioteche di Roma si rivolge ad artisti residenti sul territorio italiano che al 31 dicembre 2017 non abbiano compiuto il 35esimo anno di età.


IN SEARCH FOR NOTHING by Francesco Bartoli + ANOTHER WORLD by Manuela Morgaine (Best Film On the Road Film Festival 2016).

COSMOPOLIS FILM AWARDS – Call for Entries 2017

Cosmopolis Film Awards is the first film and video contest aimed at 2nd generation filmmakers and artists living in Italy.
CFA is promoted by Detour Arthouse Cinema in Rome with the support of SIAE and Mibact, in connection with the invitation “Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura”, in collaboration with Biblioteche di Roma and Roma Multietnica, targeted at young artists residing in the territory of Italy, aged less than 35 years during the entire 2017 calendar year. 2nd generation artists – filmmaker, screenwriters, authors, actors, etc. – are welcomed to attend and submit their audiovisual works.
2nd generation artists – filmmaker, screenwriters, authors, actors, etc. – are welcomed to attend and submit their audiovisual works. Thematic lines & topics: the discovery of the Other, new global cultures, relations between identities and communities of values, clash of cultures, daily life in urban/suburban contexts, etc. Films will be selected on the basis of their aesthetique and language skills. Winning films for each category will be screened to a public audience in the presence of the authors and members of the Selection Committee. Other screening events will be held at Public Libraries in the Municipality of Rome. Registration at the contest is free of charge Winners of each category will get cash prizes and other special mentions.