Associazione culturale  e di promozione sociale riconosciuta dalla Regione Lazio. affiliata ad ASSO.N.A.M. e F.I.C.C. (Federazione Italiana Circoli Cinema).
Nei locali dell’associazione vengono applicate le misure previste dalla normativa di contrasto alla pandemia covid-19 e nel rispetto della sicurezza di noi tutti. E’ richiesto sempre l’utilizzo delle mascherina, l’igienizzazione delle mani all’ingresso e il mantenimento del distanziamento interpersonale di almeno un metro. L’afflusso in sala è contingentato e i posti in sala distanziati. I locali vengono sanificati regolarmente dopo ogni proiezione. Vi ringraziamo per la collaborazione.
Cine Detour applies all the measures required by law to prevent the spread of covid-19 and to keep us all safe. Always wear a mask, disinfect your hands and maintain a distance of at least 1m from other people. The number of people who can see the film is limited and only certain seats may be occupied to maintain physical distancing. All areas are disinfected after each projection. Thank-you for your cooperation.

Programmazione in sala cinema / Screening Room Program

 La capienza in sala è ridotta per garantire il distanziamento interpersonale. Vi chiediamo di prenotare in anticipo. Grazie!

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Detour Virtual Cinema Program

 La programmazione che segue si riferisce alla sala virtuale Detour/Wanted ed è accessibile esclusivamente in streaming.

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Are you weary of yet another uninspiring movie streaming experience?
Are you looking for something to counteract the excesses of TV series binge watching??
Do you miss your much-loved arthouse cinema and want to support it in these hard times?
From now on you can try … Detour Virtual Screen! 

in collaboration with Wanted Cinema

While we wait for further information as to how we can get our film projector back into use in line with health and safety requirements, we are overjoyed to be able at least to inaugurate our virtual screenings! We’d like to invite you to join us.

Detour resumes its programming with the first two titles, proposed in “virtual room” mode!

Detour Virtual Screen is an experiment to try and keep in touch with you, a gentle but somewhat revolutionary act of love for cinema-in-the-cinema, in support of the impressive efforts and sacrifices that arthouse cinemas are facing, making our fabulous community aware of the difficulties of the current situation.

Virtual cinema does not simply mean pay-per-view movie streaming, but it is a gesture of solidarity that guarantees film buffs and fans a safe re-visiting of their favorite arthouse cinema, recognising the cinema’s role as an irreplaceable social and cultural landmark, and an opportunity for independent distributors with their precious catalogues of quality films, to jump back in.

With a little imagination you will enjoy once again attending our screening room, the call and the wait for a real movie event.

There’s more: through real live connections, you can interact directly with guests and speakers present in the room and talk with other spectators, during the première events.

While out famous red seats and comfy sofa will have to wait for your return, at least Detour’s heart will be able to carry on beating at at full speed, thanks to all of you. 

And now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s dim the lights…

To the Ticket Booth
Detour Virtual Ticket / Acquista il Film


  • Everyone can access the Detour Virtual Screen. DETOUR APS membership is not required.
  • Like in any self-respecting arthouse cinema, seats are limited, so hurry up and book!
  • Enter our virtual foyer by clicking on the Detour Virtual Ticket button.
  • A link will guide you down the corridor to our ticket office. Select the chosen film and show time by clicking the corresponding button.
  • After registering and logging into your personal account, you can pay by credit card. You will receive an access code.
  • Within the limits of availability of seats in the hall, it will be possible to purchase the ticket even after the time indicated for the start of the screening. However, you will see the film from the beginning.
  • Follow the link that takes you to the room and find out the place we have assigned you. Excellent visibility guaranteed: no big guy will stand in front of you and you can avoid the popcorn being chucked around by the usual jokers on the back row!
  • A countdown on the screen will signal the time remaining before the projection starts.
  • You can attend the screening at its scheduled time along with your fellow audience members, or you can watch the film in the 48 hour period starting from the start of the programme.
  • You can interact with guests and other spectators present in the room in the chat section of the platform, during presentations première and live events.
  • You can interrupt and resume the screening at any time (always within 48h) using the provided access code.
  • Now, all you have to do is please sit back, make yourself comfortable and enjoy a great movie at Detour Virtual Screen.



Unisciti alla difesa di uno degli ultimi presidi culturali cinematografici indipendenti della nostra città.

Your contribution has been and will be crucial to try to resist and will help to defend one of the last bastions of independent cinematography in our city.

Puoi effettuare la donazione tramite: / You can make donations using:
1) Paypal

2) Bonifico bancario presso Banca Popolare di Sondrio / Bank transfer to Banca Popolare di Sondrio
IBAN: IT46 K056 9603 2080 0000 5249 X53
ntestato a DETOUR con causale “erogazione liberale”
Account name: DETOUR. Description of payment: “erogazione liberale”



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