OTRFF VII >> Palmarès 2020

“Baikonur, Earth” by Andrea Sorini and “Chopper” by Giorgos Kapsanakis respectively won the Jury prize for Best Film and Best Short Film 2020 at the ON THE ROAD FILM FESTIVAL VII.
“I Wish I Was Like You” by Luca Onorati and Francesco Gargamelli and the short film “Baradar” by Beppe Tufarulo win the Audience Award.
The Award Ceremony was held on February 23 2020 at the Detour Cinema in Rome, in the presence of the Jury. Below you will find the Palmarès 2020 with all the prizes and special mentions assigned by the Jury and by the public.

Baikonur. Earth | OTRFF In Competition

Over the centuries only few caravans dared to cross the northern route of the silk road that today lies in the territory of Kazakhstan. In this portion of Asian desert there was no place to build a majestic city nor anything else worth fighting for. Until in 1955 the Soviet government realised that those lands, far as they may be from the rest of the World, were just one step away from the Universe.

On The Road Film Festival 7 Short Movies Competition > Il Programma

We are delighted to announce the Short and Medium-length International Competition for the ON THE ROAD FILM FESTIVAL, 7th Edition. A truly indipendent festival without any public funding. Both feature films and shorts/medium length films in competition will be screened at Detour Arthouse Cinema within a period of two consecutive weekends, from 14 to 16 and from 21 to 23, February 2020.
The Award Ceremony will be held on the night of February the 23rd.
Based at the legendary DETOUR Arthouse Cinema, in the heart of Rome since 1997, ON THE ROAD FILM FESTIVAL is devoted to contemporary independent cinema – fiction, documentary and experimental – presenting travelogues, urban and waste-land wanderings, real or imaginary topographies, unexpected detours, psycho-geographical drifts, migration and nomadism.

ILENIA VOLPE Unplugged Live Set – Ingresso gratuito per i soci

On February 22, 1994, exactly 26 years ago a Nirvana concert that was held in Marino in the Province of Rome.
Ilenia Volpe, a gritty singer-songwriter and indie-rocker from Rome, will play a handful of songs taken from the legendary Mtv Unplugged by Cobain and associates. Songs such as the “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” cover or “Polly” have forever changed the perception that an acoustic arrangement can determine in the rock environment.
At the end of the Live set, we will see together the doc I WISH I WAS LIKE YOU, an ironic and light-hearted review of the experience of the Nirvana Marino concert, but also a journey in the 90s, made backwards by the two directors, spectators of that era and of that memorable event.

The Geographer and the Island | OTRFF In Competition

Iwaishima, a heart-shaped piece of confetti in the Seto Sea, is the scene of an anti-nuclear struggle and home to an environmental and societal think-tank. The geographer Philippe Pelletier comes for the ‘Dance of Gods’: a quadrennial, traditional festival celebrating man’s bond with his land and sea. The question is: how do you remain free and independent…and survive?

The Observer | OTRFF In Competition

In August 2014 the 11th Beijing Independent Film Festival was shut down. The Government couldn’t tolerate the screening of some ‘sensitive’ works, particularly a historical documentary called “Spark”. ‘The Observer’ is the portrait of the extraordinary and undetected work of this Chinese dissident artist, Hu Jie. Despite making huge contributions to historical research by uncovering essential testimonies from China’s past, his body of work hasn’t been recognized and he has been long blacklisted. This film is animated by the urgency of giving him his silenced voice back.