Standard Custody Agreement Utah

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Using a well-trained custody and parental leave assessor is usually a good way to break this up and let a trained person take all the factors and the whole story of the case and see what benefits the child psychologically. However, it is also true that judges can sometimes decide and completely disregard the evaluator`s recommendation, which means a lot of money wasted or a surprising reversal of results at the last moment! The law defines the different types of custody and other terms used by the court, describes the methods used by the court to determine custody, and describes many of the procedures you must follow in your case. I am the mother and I have full custody. I am from Utah, he has every two weeks, but he does not follow the hours a certain time that he did not respond to my message to pick up my child, went the time to pick her up on Sunday, it takes him several times 4 hours to respond to my message She is 4 years old and the holiday he tried to confuse now I do not know, Which is my Holiday at Christmas, because it`s the only holiday he wants. He harasses the daycare person all the time because he can also take my child 2 days a week for 4 or 8 hours in my work. But he only looks at an hour and doesn`t send him back to daycare, and I don`t know what to do because he doesn`t understand or doesn`t want to understand, and he wants to show every day, but the daycare doesn`t let him take it, but is scared and confused my child please help me for the holidays and what to do.