Simple Introducer Agreement

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This agreement has not been drawn up in accordance with the rules of the ACF or the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and therefore does not contain any reference or obligation to comply with it. This agreement is therefore not suitable for the introduction of clients for financial services such as insurance products or investment advice. The parties expressly declare that the agreement expresses their entire agreement with respect to their subject matter and invalidates and supersedes all previous agreements concluded between them with respect to their subject matter. If you are looking for an agreement covering an ongoing recommendation/introductory agreement regarding services, read this recommendation agreement instead. If you need an agreement designed to address the situation in which the supplier is not targeting a particular customer or type of customer, but is generally looking for new customer specificity regimes below, you should use one of the commission or recommendation agreements available under the document links below. 1. BS.COM.03A Introducer Agreement (Commission) – Designed for single medium- and long-term contracts, in which the supplier receives multiple payments from a customer and the importer must pay a percentage of commission on those payments for a defined period. After you started and were a little surprised by the Companies House registration process, using your site was a breeze. All the extras (registration and service address, VAT) were useful and cheap. Shaun Parkes Infraskill Limited 03/22/2013 Brilliant person spoke to your Messenger service. Really nice and didn`t seem annoyed by my lack of knowledge.

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