Error In Pronoun Agreement

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The general rule of over-conformity of pronouns is simple: a single precursor requires a singular pronoun; a plural history needs a plural pronoun. Since “everyone” is gender-neutral, the best way to improve this sentence is to avoid the use of a sexist pronoun (meaning “he” or “she”) and simply the use of a pronoun. The correct answer, “prepare a plan and stick to it,” achieves this goal and is therefore the best way to improve the sentence. English unfortunately contains some specific situations of agreement. These require your more careful attention. The pronoun refers to collaborators, so the pronoun should be plural and not the singular him or her. Helping to avoid sexist distortions in the choice of pronouns can be found by avoiding distortions. The pronoun he replaces the predecessor Gustavo. In this case, “to be or she” is a better choice than “she”, because “student” is a singular noun and “she”, which is a plural pronoun, does not correspond to the number.

Given the other possible answer possibilities, “they” is the contraction of “they are” that would make no sense in the sentence, “it is” is the contraction of “it is”, which would make no sense in the sentence, and “it is” the possessive form of the pronoun “he” that is not used to refer to a person. None of these answers can therefore be correct. Here`s an example that shows the correct pronoun-precursor chord: whenever you use a personal pronoun like them, him or they, you must first determine its predecessor, the word that replaces the pronoun….