Commission Agreement Kenya

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PandaTip: This model offers you (to the agent) a flat-rate commission based on the final sale price of the property. It also requires the owner of the property to pay you the agreed commission if they refuse a reasonable offer for the property. The defendant relied on the package of documents filed on 14 November 2005, the testimony of William Wambugu of 25 June 2012 and the testimony of Mr William Wambugu (DW1). With regard to the first question, was the agent contract issued to the applicant separate from the management contract? The defendant argued that DW1 had testified on 10 February 1995 about the Claimant`s employment as a trainee sales manager. In accordance with clause 2.2 of the MANAGER`s agreement, a brokerage contract was then offered to the applicant on 1 March 1995. DW1 testified that this type of agency was related to the Claimant`s employment as a manager; They were allowed not only to exercise their leadership, but also to procure for clients for whom they could earn a different commission than people employed exclusively as agents of the company. It referred to clause 2 of the agency contract of 1 March 1995, which refers the applicant to his management contract and informs him that he is not entitled to the payment of allowances, since he already deserves administrative costs. Following the defendant`s arguments, the applicant admitted that it was in fact a fact that the Article 7 mediation contract could be terminated with a period of 24 hours and that no further commission should be paid in the event of termination. [11] In a new review, the Claimant stated that the letter of August 14, August 27, 2003, at page 4 of all the applicants, by his lawyers, against the respondent. The letter states that he was entitled to the agent commission even after his resignation as senior director. The letter required that the unpaid commission be paid to me or credited to me from the mortgage account. In the response on page 6 of the package, the accused stated that the case had been referred to his lawyer. He did not know if the proceeds of the commission were credited to the mortgage.

The purpose of the letter on page 7 of the applicant group was to appoint him as an apprentice commercial manager. Clause 2.2 states that the commission`s issue was not formalized in the letter. The letter on page 9 of the claimant`s group named him an agent of the Old Mutual Life Assurance Company Ltd. The letter does not contain a single statement that his appointment was in any way related to the appointment to the position of sales manager. The Commission`s statements drafted by the defendant can be found at page 30-124. Page 28 of the package is a letter dated December 11, 2003 from Daly & Figgis to his lawyer, in which the commissions are transmitted. Daly & Figgis` letter of 13 April 2002 contests the commission to be paid for the period from 1 September 2003, the date on which the employment relationship ended on 30 August 2002. . . .