Agreement Ka Matlab Kya Hota Hai

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Anvita (resemblance in number, gender or word in grammar) (subnose): There is no correspondence between the subject and the verb in the sentence “She goes there every day”. Approval (name): The Indo Pak talks could not reach an agreement. Rajinama (name): Please sign the agreement. Management: Sanskrit Management [Substantiv Pulling] 1. Paragraph 2. Good, solid and superior operations 3. The order that continues regularly 4. A plan for a type of work 5. trial; Composition 6. A distinction of poetry.

Law: a rule that consists of an agreement or agreement according to an adjective or judgment: an article by which the plaintiff and the defendant reconcile and withdraw the lawsuits from the court. Management: An efficient and effective execution of various functions and events of households, construction schools or institutions in the economic, political and social fields: compromise – draw names [explain Hindi] colony of the other, where both parties have to sacrifice or sacrifice. Resignation. That`s how you do an action. – To do. – To be. Siedlung: Siedlung – Substantiv Pulling [Persian] 1. Management. Intijam.

(2) The act of measuring the area under cultivation and fixing the State tax. Composite word – subdivision istmarari = evaluation of soils where there is no lack, no dispersion. Malgujari should be appointed in such a way that it does not increase. 3. A department or department responsible for measuring fields, etc., and setting their taxes. 4. To repair a plant and give a field to sow to someone. Sir, what is the Earth, what is happening Hindi in agreement, sir, hindi agreement meaning: In the Vedic era, the arrangement of the four signs was determined on the basis of work. the statement (orally or in writing) of an exchange of promises Namaskar Suprabhat Welcome to the brochure Your question is agreement in Hindi What happens next your question Answer Agreement Meaning of the agreement according to the English dictionary Meaning of Samjhauta agreement in English dictionary or contract between two parties or agreement between two parties….