Boarding House Tenancy Agreement New Zealand

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In a guesthouse, each tenant rents a room or sleeping area in a room that they share with other tenants, not with the whole house. They share facilities such as the kitchen and bathroom with other tenants. A pension has (or must) have at least six tenants at the same time. Boarding house law (Residential Tenancies Act, Part 2A) – Legislation website (external link) A retiree may enter a boarding room without notice: the internal regulations cannot violate the Residential Tenancies Act or any other law (for example. B the Human Rights Act or the Data Protection Act). If you think a settlement is against the law, you can contact the rental court. You can download a low-speed agreement model on the tenancy Services website: if the Residential Tenan rental Act does not cover your pension, you will continue to be covered by standard consumer services, which means that accommodation must be of an acceptable quality (see “Consumer Protection”). The ordinary law of contracts also requires you and the owner to do everything you have agreed to, even if you do not have a written agreement and you can take any dispute to the Dispute Resolution Tribunal (see chapter “The Dispute Settlement Tribunal”). Your pension could also be covered by the City Council`s statutes – contact your local council to find out more. You can terminate the lease immediately if you have caused or threatened to cause serious damage or disruption to other tenants, or if you pose a danger to people or property. Your pension lender can usually terminate the lease by providing you with four weeks (28 days) without justification. It has to be written down. If you get a roommate in your own home, you are not automatically covered by the Residential Tenancies Act.

As of July 1, 2019, retirees will be required, in any new or varied retirement lease, to make a signed statement stating that they would already meet or comply with the healthy housing standards set out in Section 66I (1) (bb) of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986. The lessor must give the tenant a copy of the rules at the beginning of the lease. You should also post copies around the pension. Retirees should also be kept informed of changes in the right to rent. Among the most recent changes are the Standards for Healthy Housing and the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2019. If you sign a lease, you`re a tenant. If you have not signed a lease, you are a roommate. Tenants and roommates have different rights and duties. Living nazealand homes and community housing houses boarding houses must match HHS.

Owners must include in each new lease, amended or renewed, a statement on their current state of compliance with HHS. If you have not signed a lease, you cannot use the rental court to solve the problems. In a guesthouse, tenants have their own lease with their landlord to rent a single room or a bedroom in a room they share with other tenants.