Xfinity Agreements

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Comcast Xfinity is a very average/below average service. Speed and quality depend on the package you pay, but rest assured that there will be frequent failures with little or no offer of help or compensation. In addition, they have a disgusting customer service that doesn`t care about providing quality service to their benefactors. Was unfairly charged for a transfer of services inside the Comcast physical store, but an incompetent worker. I tried to solve the problem, but we met workers and managers who were always repeating the same phrases, even though I know the bill was wrong. After 5 weeks of consulting to know, I decided to pay the fee they charge me and completely cut ties with this waste service known as Comcast xfinity. 10/10 Do NOT recommend going with them. 1. Responsibility: Comcast disclaims any responsibility for the operation or support, maintenance or repair of customer equipment, including, but not exclusively, customer hardware sent to Comcast or third-party software or to “downloads.” You agree by using the service, allowing and authorizing Comcast, its agents and manufacturers of licensed devices, to send code updates to XFINITY equipment and customer hardware as soon as necessary as part of the service. Such code updates may modify, add or remove functions or functions of these devices or service. You`ll find Comcast`s current technical requirements and minimum requirements for service at These requirements may be located on another site. Whether it is the digital adapter, digital converter, CableCARD™, cable modem, gateway/router, voice modem or other device, we have absolute right, but we do not have the obligation to update or modify the firmware of these devices remotely or on the premises at any time if we deem it necessary or desirable to provide you with the service in accordance with our specifications and requirements.

Comcast may send you any necessary or desired notification in one of the following ways, as defined only at our discretion: (1) by publishing it on or any other website you have been notified of (2) by sending a first-class or overnight POST message to your premises; (3) by sending a notification to the email address in Comcast`s account documents or (4) by manual delivery. You accept that one of the above information constitutes sufficient notification and you renounce any allegation that these forms of communication are insufficient or ineffective. Since we may inform you from time to time of important information about the service and this agreement with these methods, you agree to regularly check your mail, email and all messages on or any other website you have been informed of, or you may not. Xfinity is the worst!!! I`ve had it for 4 years now and every year you have to call and haggle with them to maintain the same rate. they sell on TV, phone and other services for hours and hours before providing only Internet service. they don`t just give you internet unless you go through the selling rate, then you have to call every year to maintain the same rate!!! Stupid business plan!! I am currently a customer of Xfinity. I usually only get the Internet, but currently I have the Internet and basic cable channels, because it was the best deal. I have been a customer for years. I wanted to switch from ATT to Xfinity Mobile services and do BYOD.