Mops Enterprise Agreement 2016

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Complete the ASU`s investigation into the preparation of the negotiations here: On Tuesday, December 15, 2015, the Ministry of Finance issued a communication on workers` representation rights to begin negotiations on the next enterprise agreement. Have you appointed anyone as a negotiator? Both candidates were nominated as ASU delegates to sit at the negotiating table on behalf of ASU members. However, if you have written to your representative`s departmental and parliamentary services (you can name yourself), he or she will be your legal representative for the negotiations. AsU received two appointments to the ASU negotiating team. Lori Faraone – Andrew Giles, MP for Scullin, Victoria) and Jessica Malcolm – Sharon Bird, Mp (member of Cunningham, New South Wales). . If you have not appointed a representative and are not a member of the ASU, CPSU or MEAA, you are not represented in the negotiations. For more information, please contact the corresponding contact (download the full newsletter below for more details). If you are not a member of the ASU, you can now join online in our secure form: Australia`s Public Sector Labour Policy is valid for negotiations with the Ministry of Finance. Some changes were published in October 2015, but tariff and condition reductions are still a policy.