Lease Agreement Guest Policy

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There are many scenarios that landlords encounter with tenants who are totally innocent and deserve a little attention and compromise. Keep in mind that everyone will have customers at some point, so the development of an overly restrictive hospitality policy can backfire as your tenant tries to sneak into long-term customers and hides this and other activities in front of you. Instead, develop a reasonable policy to be your starting point and keep lines of communication open. If your tenant understands the rules applicable to customers, but knows that you are a reasonable landlord, they will be more likely to come to you with any unique situation. On the other hand, the abuse of foster privileges is like any other violation of the right to rent, especially when it comes to subletting and short-term stays that earn money for tenants. If you have your basic hospitality policy directly in the rental agreement, it is easier to quote and apply it until you get the desired result. You need to treat long-term customer abuse like any other problem with your tenant and act quickly to avoid problems, immediately and on the go. Whether you`re going well with an extra roommate and they just want to be on the lease, or you just want all the guests to be there forever, your long-term guest policy and how you impose it is the best way forward. As much as you don`t want, you may be facing an increase in long-term customer problems.

Among the most common problems that may arise are the misuse of car parks, noise, damage and the use of communal equipment (laundry) and areas (pool or clubhouse) specifically reserved for tenants. For each violation, issue a written warning to the tenant responsible for all clients on the ground in the short or long term. Even if the tenant is “innocent” of the problems, they are still responsible and must receive warnings. Rent violations should also trigger your eviction process, even if the problems are the client`s and not the tenant`s. A smart move would be to include a well-thought-out guest policy in a rental agreement as a separate conclusion.