Fin. Resp. Agreement Gatech

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Description: The course is designed as a workshop where law students and economics students work together to structure and negotiate various aspects of a private equity agreement, from the first phase of the semester to the conclusion of financing and conclusion, through the execution of the sales contract. Private equity transactions, which are economically justified, sometimes fail at the negotiating and documentation stage. This course will strive to provide students with the tools they need to tackle difficult problems, solve them and conclude successful business. Students are divided into teams of lawyers and businessmen to verify, review and negotiate actual transaction documents. Topics often include controversial essential legal and legal conditions, as well as common ethical dilemmas. Description: legal and commercial considerations, including the pros and cons of franchising; The role of franchising in the economy; Franchised relationship Advertising obligations Relevant national and federal laws; The essential elements of the representation of franchisors and franchisees; Basic conditions and problems with franchise agreements; Legislative issues Brand issues Intervention issues problems related to the extension of the system; Franchised workers` associations; New franchising techniques; (z.B. land use agreements, subfranchising, franchises, franchises, master franchises; International franchising; The role of out-of-court settlement of disputes in franchising; Product quality issues legislative issues. Case studies of major franchises are read and evaluated, including Holiday Inns, McDonald`s, Century 21, Pizza Hut and Dunkin Donuts. Prominent representatives of legal policy and the economist will be invited speakers, students will be divided into teams of oral and written presentations, which will represent 20% of their grade.

Description: This course teaches students the principles of developing trade agreements. While the course is particularly interesting for students pursuing a career in society or commercial law, the concepts apply to any transactional practice. But that`s not bad news. Disunity is not inexorable, as most seem to assume.