VISAGES VILLAGES by Agnès Varda. A masterpiece.

November 9, 2018 in Archivio by cinedetour

Detour Cinema, Via Urbana 107 Roma
Nov 9, Fri 2018 h 9.00pm
in collaboration with Cineteca di Bologna

by Agnès Varda e JR (France 2017, 93′, V.O. Italian subtitles)

The 90-year-old director goes on the road with street artist JR to create remarkable, moving portraits of the people they meet. Here’s a wonderful warmth and playful indirectness to this essay/road movie in the classic nouvelle vague spirit, conjuring a semi-accidental narrative in the midst of what is ostensibly a documentary. 
It is a collaboration between the 90-year-old director Agnès Varda and a 35-year-old French street artist who styles himself simply JR and always wears a hat and dark glasses, indoors and out – an opaque mannerism, almost a disguise, which Varda compares to her old comrade Jean-Luc Godard, and which irritates her a little bit.  (Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian).

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