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Roma Cinema Detour, Via Urbana 107 Roma
April 21 Saturday 2018 h7.30

in collaborazione con CineAgenzia e  Internazionale

MONDOVISIONI. I Documentari di Internazionale a Roma  

BOILING POINT [Kiehumispiste]

di Elina Hirvonen
Finlandia 2017, 91
v.o. inglese/finlandese sottot. in italiano

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Financial inequality, lack of vision, fear and anger especially towards asylum seekers, has been growing rapidly in Europe, also in Finland. People are increasingly afraid that their home environment is becoming unrecognizable and undesirable. Populist demagogues have risen to harness these fears and to raise people against each other.
In the middle of all this turmoil are two men, Oula (46) and Tapio (71). Although they disagree on almost everything, they have decided to continue their weekly discussions in a public sauna in Helsinki. They continue because they respect each other, and because they understand that when conversation ends, violence begins.
“Boiling Point” is an award-winning documentary film by director and writer Elina Hirvonen. The film paints a shocking image of contemporary Europe, but also looks for a common ground between strongly opinionated groups of people.


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