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Detour Cinema, Via Urbana 107 Rome
Feb 25, Sunday 2018 h8.30pm

in collaboration with CineAgenzia e  Internazionale

MONDOVISIONI. Documentaries by Internazionale – Rome  

ENTRE OS HOMENS DE BEM (The Stranger in the House)
by Caio Cavechini, Carlos Juliano Barros. Brazil 2016, 106’. o.v. with Italian subtitles.

Brazilian Congress is hostage to a so called ‘bullets, beef and bible’ conservative bench. Jean Wyllys is the stranger in this House. The documentary follows the only openly gay congressman in the most conservative Congress of Brazil’s democracy, in his support of gay marriage and other progressive bills, rendering an in-depth portrait of the country’s troubled times. Once a pop star celebrity, winner of the biggest local reality show, Big Brother Brazil, now he puts his fame at risk by confronting the religious majority, and becomes an activist under life threats, target of online hate, the Brazilian Harvey Milk living in one of the deadliest countries for homosexuals, while the rest of the world sees an increase in legislative tolerance.

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