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Istanbul Makami
Istanbul Notes

Directed by | Regia di Yunus Emre Aydin, H. Ozlem Sariyildiz
Turkey 2015, 70′, Turkish/English o.v., sott. italiano
Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival Ankara

“Per decidere di lasciare il posto in cui vivi, ti deve mancare qualcosa, oppure devi averne troppo”. In Istanbul Makami si intrecciano le strade di cinque musicisti provenienti da diverse parti del mondo, che si innamorano del “Maqam” (il sistema musicale della tradizione ottomana) e si trasferiscono in Turchia. Un film sul potere conoscitivo della musica, sull’ostinazione, sul desiderio, sul lasciarsi tutto alle spalle per ritrovarsi nella dimensione del viaggio, cittadini del mondo. Cinque storie differenti accomunate dalla paura di inseguire i propri sogni e forse un tentativo di liberare i nostri.

“You either lack something or have too much of it so to leave where you live..” 
Leaving home and making music around the world.. ‘İstanbul Makamı’ is a cinematographic improvisation with 5 musicians from abroad who fall in love with the Maqam Music (Classical Ottoman Music) and decide to live in Turkey believing that music might best be learned in the lands it was born and performed. Each has different stories but the desire to find their own paths despite modern times’ obligations intersects their roads. Constructing three layers -music, İstanbul and combination of both in the filmic platform-the film is a modern times fairytale in praise of İstanbul and its classical music; a film about obstinacy, desire, looking for one’s own raison d’etre, travelling, being a world citizen and the power of music to understand the other and express oneself in the pursuit of intertwining stories following passion. It tells unique stories about the common dreams we are afraid to approach, and thus, tries to give inspiration to us to free ours.

>Proiezione: Ven 28 Ott ore 20.15 / Screening: Oct 27 Fri h8.15pm
>Cinema Detour, Via Urbana 107 Roma