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An itinerant and independent cinema festival, both on the road and borderline
Errant images, displacements and psycho-geographical drifts

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“A path is always between two points, but the in-between has taken on all the consistency
and enjoys both an autonomy and a direction of its own” 
G. Deleuze, F. Guattari, 1987

On the Road Film Festival, an “on the road” and “cross-border” independent film festival, has reached its fourth edition as an itinerant project presented at a variety of venues across Rome and Lazio, devoted to independent cinema and visual arts, both domestic and international, inspired by journeys and borderlands.

The Festival traces an harmonious path for the International Independent Cinema with previews and unpublished works. We look for films that develop, through linguistic and/or narrative skills, a critical and inventive approach to the subject guidelines of the Festival: a traveling mood with digressions from fixed paths, where the route is what matters, not the destination.

This fourth edition wants to emphasise what a journey leaves us with: traces, memories, encounters. It intends to focus on the necessity of the journey as an experience of contact, of bridging boundaries, of interrelation with another person.



Competitive sections screenings will take place from October 23rd to October 29th 2016 at the Detour Cinema in Rome. 
The awards ceremony will be held Saturday, October 29, 2016. 

Side events, out-of-competition special screenings and replicas of the awarded works, will take place from June till December 2016 as itinerant initiatives in Rome and Lazio. 



Detour On the Road Film Festival 2016 is composed of four sections, with two competitive ones, focused on concepts such as journey, road, detouring, boundaries and frontier. 
The works will be selected based on the aesthetic and the expressive qualities and on the ability to interpret freely the subjects of the Festival.

  • The Road. Competitive section for”on the road” feature films and medium-lenght films (over 30 minutes) of any genre: narrative films, documentaries, animation, reportage, experimental films, tv shows, episodes of web/tv series, etc.
  • Short>Cuts/Sentieri_Brevi. Competitive section for”on the road” short films of any genre: narrative, documentaries, cartoons, experimental films, musical videos, videoart and videopoetry works, episodes of web/television series… and so on. They don’t have to overrun the time limit of 30 minutes.

In addition to the Competition, the festival offers a taste of international, independent “on the road” cinematography, within more sections. The works that will not be selected for the contest can be proposed, at the discretion of the selectors and with the consent of the authors, for the two non-competitive sections:

  • Off the Map. Lazio It focuses on works that depicts a country, a nation or a specific geographic area or cultural/linguistic belonging; selections from other international film festivals and retrospectives are also included.
  • Across Borders Section out of the contest. “on the road” encounters embracing cinema, literature, music and performative arts: screenings with live music score, workshops and master classes, shows for kids, exhibitions, readings and other live performances.



  • Films must have been released after December 31, 2014
  • We do not charge for Submissions. The Contest is open to everyone, individual authors, film studios, collectives of artists, schools, communities, association, social cooperatives NGOs and schools of cinema. 
  • The same author or film studio may not submit more than three applications
  • Non-Italian speaking films submitted to the Festival must be subtitled in at least one of these languages: Italian, English, French. A subtitle file with time codes is requested
  • A password protected link to a screener of the film on a video sharing site (e.g. Vimeo) must be provided. In the case that the film is available in downloading only, file formats accepted are: mp4, Mkv, Quicktime mov, mpeg2. The download file size must be less than 2GB.
  • In the selection process, preference shall be given to national and city premieres, unpublished and undistribuited films. 
  • Features and Short films available for free access online in their entire length shall not be selected
  • Once the selection process will be completed, the list of successful submissions will be available along with additional information on www.cinedetour.it. A free digital exhibition catalogue will soon after be available in a pdf format
  • A jury of experts of cinema and visual arts will evaluate the materials and reward the nominated winners. Also the audience will have the chance to vote for the Audience Award winner
  • Cash prizes will be awarded in the form of bank transfers, following the subsidies from our private and institutional sponsors. The prizes will be awarded within 31 March 2017.
  • The Detour Cinema reserves the right (with no exclusive rights and in agreement with the authors) to schedule the screenings of the best selected films over the 2015-2016 programming season. 
  • Detour will strongly support and promote the best films through its press office targeting specialized magazines , through its mailing list and on the website www.cinedetour.it 
  • “Detour on the Road”  is an itinerant cinema festival. Films selected for the contest will be screened in Rome and other locations of Lazio. The participation in the contest will count as an authorization to show the film in any selected venue during the festival.
  • Selected filmmakers



Submissions Deadline: Sept 10th 2016



 THE ROAD medium-lenght, feature films and documentaries (>30min.)

  • Jury Award for the Best Film: Cash Prize of 500€ + Plaque Award + 3 scheduled screenings during the 2017 programming season at Detour Cinema (with a 50% share on the amounts collected)
  • Audience Award: Plaque Award + 1 scheduled screening/event during the 2017 programming season at Detour Cinema.

SHORTCUTS Short films (<30min.)

  • Jury Award for the Best Short Film: 300€  + Plaque Award + scheduled screening(s) during the 2017 programming season at Detour Cinema.
  • Audience Award: Plaque Award + scheduled screening(s) during the 2017 programming season at Detour Cinema.

Selected films may receive additional awards, special mentions or other recognition at the discretion of the Jury, or by our partners and sponsors.


Official Selection – In Competition



A DETOUR production

Festival Directors and Curators: Cristina Nisticò, Daniele Lupi, Sergio Ponzio

Chief Press Office: Cristina Borsatti

Collaborators:  Giovanni Raffa, Ornella Vaiani , Marianna Massimiliani, Chiara Nisticò, Mauro Magazzino

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